Allegheny County Tax Appeal Information

2023 is the best time in decades for commercial and residential property owners in Allegheny County to consider appealing their assessed property taxes.

In 2021, the Common Level Ratio in Allegheny County was 87.5%. The Common Level Ratio is the percentage that the assessed value is determined, and taxes are based on.

In 2022, that number was decreased to 81.1%.  However, a group of taxpayers filed a lawsuit in the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas which resulted in an adjudication that the common level ratio being used in 2022 will be lowered to 63.5%. That result is currently unresolved and has been appealed to the Commonwealth Court.

In the 2023, the Common Level Ratio is 63.6%, and any pending litigation challenging that ratio is not known as of this writing (2/7/2023). For example, a property that was purchased at $200,000 in 2021 would likely receive a $162,200 assessment; whereas, if the 63.6 ratio was applied (which will occur in 2023), then the assessment would be $127,200. That is a $35k difference.

The Common Level Ratios for 2021-2023:
2021: 81.3%

There is no current litigation affecting this figure, but there is the possibility that a challenge will be instituted.

2022: 63.53%

This is the source of the current Commonwealth Court litigation, and taxing bodies will likely take the position that it should not be applied until the case is determined finally at Commonwealth Court. At the Board of Viewers, we have been negotiating with taxing bodies using the range of 63.53% and 81.1%.

2023: 63.6%

There is no current litigation affecting this figure, but there is the possibility that a challenge will be instituted.

For Example:

  • A Home Valued at $200,000
  • Previous Assessment: $162,000 (81.1%)(or more)
  • New Assessment: $127,060 (63.53%)
  • Savings Example: 1209.00/yr. *(depending on mileage)    

This will be a Savings for all homeowners, although depending on the Assessment, could be much bigger for some!

In Short:

The Common Level Ratios (Assessment Values) of a home in Allegheny County are changing from 81.1% to 63.53%

This is for 2022 and 2023 and Appeals will be retroactive.

Appeal Deadline is March 31st 2023  (Appeals via phone only)

Steps To Take:

  1. Determine the Value of the Home.  This link offers an easy source of Home Value for appeals.
  2. Submit Appeal Forms BEFORE March 31st deadline.

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Jonathan McCloskey

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