Boots on the Ground

Boots on the Ground

We Want To Say Thanks In A New Way

In today’s world, consumers value a recommendation from a friend or family member more than reviews that can be found online. As a client and/or friend of The Bingham Team and someone who has worked with The Bingham Team in the past, we invite you to join our Boots on the Ground program and become a free-lance referral source for us. Many of our past clients already recommend us to anyone who is looking for a real estate agent. Now we have a program in place where can reward those referrals.

It’s simple!

If you know of anyone in the market ready to Buy or Sell, simply fill out the short form and send it in. We’ll do the rest!

You're Already Halfway There!

We talk to people all the time about homes and moving plans, so why not earn some money at the same time? This is a unique program that helps us grow our business and rewards you for spreading the word!

Getting Started Is A Cinch!

If you are interested in our New Boots on the Ground program, simply fill out the below form and we’ll sign you up in our system. Then once you have a candidate, we’ll get started. Nothing more needed from you other than the introduction.

What’s In It For You?

Reward Breakdown
In a nutshell, the Bingham Team Boots on the Ground program is designed to reward others for letting us know about family or friends who are seeking real estate services. First, you enroll in the BOTG program, then when you have someone in need of real estate services, you submit a referral form and we do the rest!
Home Value $0-300K

$100 Gift Card

Home Value $301-500K

$250 Gift Card

Home Value $501-750K

$500 Gift Card

Home Value $751-Over

$1000 Gift Card

Rewards are tiered based on value and are given after the transaction has closed. 

Membership Bonus

Bonuses can be earned on referring new members to the program.*

3 Closed Referrals


Capital Grille Gift Certificate

5 Closed Referrals


Night at the Fairmont

10 Closed Referrals


2 Steeler Club Tickets

Bonuses can be earned for multiple referrals within a one year period.



      *based on a one year period